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David Mayhood


David has been involved in multi-family marketing and development in the Washington DC metropolitan area since 1972.  For 11 years he served as Vice President in charge of Project Sales for Shannon & Luchs.  In 1983 he founded Mayhood to specialize in the marketing of new condominium and townhome developments in metropolitan Washington, DC, and initial successes soon took Mayhood into other large U.S. new home markets.  During the last two and a half decades, Mayhood has been involved in developments in Colorado, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, all the while helping clients exceed expectations in the Washington, DC home market. David Mayhood recently completed a three-year term as Chairman for the Washington ULI District Council.  He also serves as ULI Council Counselor for the Washington, Baltimore and Northern New Jersey District Councils.  Under his leadership, Washington District Council has successfully established a Smart Growth Alliance for the region and is currently actively pursuing a similar, long-term involvement with the District of Columbia focused on Affordable Housing.   David is also active in the National Association of Homebuilders.  He is a trustee for the Senior Housing Council and has twice chaired the Education Committee for NAHB’s Senior Housing Show.

David Mayhood: Agents
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